About Us

New clarity in early cancer detection enabling healthier lives.

ClearNote Health is a cancer detection company focused on enabling people at risk for high-mortality cancers to live longer, healthier lives. Utilizing a standard blood draw, our proprietary epigenomic platform combines biology and artificial intelligence to provide a more comprehensive view of biology to identify DNA-based changes in biology as cancer develops.

With our focus on high-mortality cancer detection in high-risk patients, ClearNote Health is changing the patient care paradigm by offering clinicians and their patients a better way to identify cancers at a more treatable stage.

Our mission is to identify people with cancer earlier to enhance their treatment options and enable them to live longer, healthier lives.

We combine biology and artificial intelligence to detect cancer when it matters the most— allowing patients to seek physician consult before the disease reaches an advanced stage and clinicians to better understand how patients respond to cancer therapies.

Our History

Inspired by patients and the discovery of a unique 5-hydroxymethylcytosine (5hmC) biomarker, ClearNote Health was founded out of the Stanford laboratory of Steve Quake, D.Phil., to develop non-invasive epigenomic tests to detect cancer through a standard blood draw earlier than existing methods and when the disease is still treatable.

We are proud of the clinical evidence, R&D achievements, and our five-year-long company development as Bluestar Genomics. Now, as a commercial-stage company, ClearNote Health continues to drive innovation in non-invasive cancer detection, with patient needs at the core of everything we pursue.

Leading by Example