Our targeted multi-cancer panels track epigenomic signals to detect the disease early.

The ClearNote Health approach to detecting cancer early is anchored in epigenomics by tracking changes in cells in the body. With the current focus on pancreatic and ovarian cancers, we aim to address unmet patient needs through early and focused cancer detection through a simple blood draw. Unlike existing cancer screening methods, our 5hmC-based proprietary technology platform provides a comprehensive view of tumor biology to inform patient diagnosis and treatment journey. Our R&D pipeline includes multiple single-cancer and focused multi-cancer tests to help people at high risk of developing high-mortality cancers live longer and healthier lives.

ClearNote Health is committed to supporting cancer patients wherever they are in their cancer journey starting with early detection.

We are also exploring multiple applications for our epigenomics technology platform to assist clinicians with therapy selection, therapy monitoring and detection of cancer recurrence. Throughout the process of early cancer detection, diagnosis and treatment, clinicians and patients require ongoing monitoring of the disease.

Tracking Epigenomic Signals To Detect Cancer