Press Releases

Since 2016, our company has proudly operated under the Bluestar Genomics name. Now, we are ready for a change – from this day forward, we will be known as ClearNote Health.

Our primary core value is to “put patients first.” This refresh to our brand better reflects our aspiration to enable people to live longer, healthier lives, with a clear understanding of their health status, even if they are at risk for a high-mortality cancer.

This key theme of ‘Clarity’ underscores our goal to provide patients at high risk for cancer with the results they deserve when it matters most and identifying cancer while the disease is still treatable – before the disease progresses – by harnessing the power of epigenomics. Looking beyond DNA, we aim to provide physicians and patients with a more actionable path to managing cancer.

Our second core value is to ”redefine the possible.” We will still push ourselves every day to push the boundaries of scientific understanding, applying our proprietary epigenomic platform, combining biology and artificial intelligence, to identify DNA-based changes in biology as cancer develops. We are still laser-focused on our commitment to providing disease-specific and targeted multi-cancer tests for early cancer detection.

Our final core value is to “win together.” We will still partner with health care providers around the world who can offer our tests to their patients and collaborate with scientists and technologists at top academic and research institutions as well as leading life science companies. What is more, we will continue to lean on our bold and relentlessly innovative ClearNote Health team to make it happen.

Together, please join us as we embark on a new chapter in our company’s history, innovating toward a brighter future in the battle against cancer everywhere.